What would a Cracklin Festival be without a Cracklin Cookoff?


Every year one of the highlights of our festival is the Cracklin Cookoff. Amateur and professional cracklin cookers square off in separate categories for bragging rights and big trophies! We go to great lengths to ensure a fair and impartial contest because the competition is fierce! The Lions Club usually gathers cracklin samples right after lunchtime on Sunday. We then anonymize the samples so our judges can give us impartial scores in areas such as crispness, seasoning, meat content, etc.

In addition to cracklin cooking ability, we also have awards for our contestants who go out of their way to decorate their cooking booths. 

After all of the scores have been counted, we announce our winners around 3:00pm on Sunday.

Join in the Fun!

If you would like to participate in the Cracklin Cookoff, you will need a festival booth. Please click the button below to fill out the form. Don't delay! Space is limited! We will contact you with more details.


If you have questions for our Booth and Cookoff Coordinator, please use the link below to contact them via email.